Entry #1

Is this necessary

2014-05-25 01:19:06 by BrandonTheNerd

I am a rapper/poet, musician, artist, writer, otaku, and aspiring voice actor. I'm hoping maybe I can find more people like me to collaborate and create with on this forum.


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2014-07-05 01:44:41

We can probably do something, sometime.
Would it be good?
Pretty much.
Would anybody listen to it?
Probably a couple NG kids. lol
Would Newgrounds eventually discover we've been here for a while, providing everyone awesomeness?
No. They're too busy with pewdiepie shit and that australian guys flash songs.
But still....
We'd do good!

BrandonTheNerd responds:

Hell yeah. If you ever wanna do track together, I'm definitely down. I've got a mixtape and a debut album in the works right now. So I've got plenty of ideas to go on. I gotta warn ya though, all my original beats are a bit experimental as far as being noisy, or just plain unconventional. (The beat for Dungeon Luvin is of my own creation from like 2006.)